On 20 June 2011 an Information Day “Energy and Environment (including climate change)” was held within IncoNet EECA project (FP7) at the premises of Paton Electric Welding Institute. It was organized by Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (Poland) and National Information Centre for Ukraine-EU S&T Cooperation (Ukraine).

The Information Day was attended by 54 participants. Most of them are representatives of prominent Ukrainian research institutions in Energy and Environment. Among them one can find such institutions as Paton Electric Welding Institute, Institute of Geophysics, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Institute of Hydromechanics, Gas Institute, Institute of Material Science Problems and many others. Not only scientific researches attended the Infoday, but also leading scientists, rectors, heads of departments, directors and academicians as well.

Participants had an opportunity to learn information concerning statistical data of Ukrainian participation in Energy and Environment Calls of FP7; NCP network; forthcoming Calls, etc. Also Ukrainian experience in Environment Calls was presented.

The Infoday attended representatives of NCPs from Poland (NCP INCO and Financial), Romania (NCP Environment), Malta (NCP Energy) and Ukraine (NCP Environment (Simferopol) and INCO\Financial\Legal\Mobility (Kyiv).

Participants marked high professional level of European and Ukrainian experts and informational content of presentations.



Event Presentations

 NCP Energy Network  C-Energy+ ENERGY WP 2012, Alexandra Camilleri

 Statistics on participation in FP7 – Energy, Barbara Trammer

 FP 7 – ENV – 2012, Viorel Vulturescu

 From idea to a proposal, Viorel Vulturescu

 About IncoNet EECA Project

 Участие в РП7 «Окружающая среда»: опыт, планы и перспективы, Аурика Мурава-Середа

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